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EquiVets Victoria provides a full equine ambulatory service, including routine and emergency calls. All of our equipment is portable, therefore we can perform most procedures at your place. This includes, but is not limited to, routine health checks, vaccinations, microchipping, geldings, lameness examinations, breeding examinations, pre-purchase examinations and all race track and performance work.



Reduced Travel and Travel Free Days: Often our veterinarians are in your area and therefore travel costs are split between all visits and there are often travel free days organised, so everyone can get their routine jobs done! Call us today to find out more.

A lameness examination is performed to determine which limbs are involved, and the degree of lameness. 


Sometimes a lameness issue is not immediately obvious, especially if bilateral or multiple limbs are involved. It may be that your horse is performing below expectations, starting to have behavioural issues or is just "not quite right". It is amazing how many horses continue to perform their day to day tasks with a degree of lameness that may not be immediately apparent.


The lameness examination involves looking at the horse moving from the back, front, side and on the lunge. Sometimes the lameness is only apparent under saddle and in these cases the horse will be evaluated ridden.


Diagnostic tools that are frequently implemented in a lameness examination, include flexion tests, nerve and joint blocks, radiography and ultrasonography.

EquiVets Victoria provides a 24 hour, 7 day a week after hours emergency service.


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A pre-purchase examination is NOT a pass or fail examination. It is an examination to evaluate the health and soundness of the horse at the time of examination and is not a guarantee against future breakdown or problems. It should be considered an investment, as the purchase price of the horse is only the beginning and buying a horse that may not suit your purpose can be an expensive mistake.


A pre-purchase examination begins with a conversation with the potential buyer about their expectations of the horse and its potential use.  The examination is then tailored to best fit with the buyers expectations.  It starts with an  evaluation of the entire horse at rest. The heart, lungs, eyes, gastrointestinal tract, musculoskeletal system and overall body condition are evaluated. The horse is then watched on soft and hard sufaces. Flexion tests are then performed to evaluate each limb region separately.


Radiographs are commonly performed. Other common tests, depending on future use, include endoscopy, ultrasonography, blood work, drug testing, breeding soundness and ECG.


Finally anything abnormal or undesirable, found by the veterinarian, and the potential implications or management  of these, is discussed with the potential buyer.

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​EquiVets Victoria is an Exclusively Equine Veterinary Practice, with a wealth of experience in all things equine. 


EquiVets Victoria is an ambulatory equine veterinary practice, treating everything from emergencies to routine vaccinations and offers a variety of services including:

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