EquiVets First Aid Foaling Kit is a carefully put together first aid kit, containing over 50 individual items. It has been designed as a grab and go kit for a foaling mare.

Save over $60, on individual items, when buying an EquiVets First Aid Foaling Kit

EquiVets First Aid Kits - where all the hard work has been done for you. Containing everything you need in an emergency or day to day veterinary care. Don't be caught unprepared!

EquiVets First Aid Kit - Foaling

AU$315.00 Regular Price
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  • Foaling Kit Contains:

    Equidine Iodine Scrub 500ml
    Cohesive Bandage x 2 (For mares tail)
    Disposable Gloves x 4
    Long Gloves x 2
    Sterile Gloves x 1 Pair
    Gauze 100 Pack
    Sterile Gauze x 13
    Microfibre Clothes x 3
    Betadine Antiseptic Ointment 25g
    Hand Sanitiser 70ml
    Instant Ice x 1
    Bandage Scissors
    Straight Scissors
    Headlamp and Batteries
    Pliers/ 15 in 1 tool
    Torch and Batteries
    Foil Emergency Blanket
    Fleet Enema x 1
    Stainless Steel Haemostats x 2
    Plastic jar 100ml
    Measuring Jug 500ml
    Heavy Duty Garbage Bag (for placenta)
    Sterile Lubricant 50ml
    Cotton Balls
    Q Tip Cotton Swabs
    Fixation Tape
    Permanent Marker
    EquiVets Horse Health
    Emergency Contact List
    EVA Foaling Guide
    Stainless Steel & Plastic Box
    EVA Emergency Care For Your Horse
    EVA Colic Brochure

    **Choose in Options
    -Non-latex gloves available
    -non - Gloves sizes - Small. Medium, Large
    -Sterile Gloves - Size 7, Size 8